Location: The Henry - 142 George St, Toronto

Artist FAQ

Event & Ticket Info

Dreamscape: 5PM - 9 PM

THE GLOW UP: 9 PM - 230 AM

We will be offering two ticket tiers:

  • Dreamscape Tickets [5pm - 9pm]
  • Dreamscape + Glow Up Tickets [All Access // 5pm - 230am]


  • Artist attendance
  • Each artist will be provided with a complimentary plus one for the event. [Dreamscape + Glow Up - All Access Ticket]
  • Artists will retain 100% of the profits from sales of their art at the event

Gallery & Hanging Fee

  • 50.00 CAD gallery hanging & installation fee.
  • To be paid in cash to Living Color at the event.


How will my art be displayed?

  • Artwork will be displayed on 5’ wide x 6’ tall smooth white painted concrete wall space. Gallery style: see here 
  • Living Color will assign each artist with their own designated 5’ x 6’ wall space. Artists will assigned their wall space upon arrival for setup. 
  • We suggest mapping out the layout of the work you will display at home before bringing pieces for setup. 

How many paintings can I bring? 

Any number of pieces is welcome as long as they fit in to fill the given wallspace (5’ wide x 6’ tall)

When do I come and install my work?

Installation of your work will be on the day of the show. Artists can come in for set up to 3 hrs before the event starts with a minimum of 1.5 hrs before the start of the show.

What do I need to bring to the installation?

  • Bring your artwork. 
  • Hanging supplies (see below).
  • Your display/hanging fee (50$ CAD CASH ONLY).

Do I need to bring my own tools to hang my work?

  • Bring 3M Command Strips according to your canvas size, weight and quantity. 
  • Please ensure the weight rating of the 3M Command Strips is appropriate rated for the weight of your art. 
  • No Gorilla Tape or high strength duck tape that will be tough to peel off the walls / will leave residue marks. 

** Hammers and nails will NOT be allowed **

What is the best way for me to prepare my art for hanging?

  • Stretched canvas pieces are ok without being wired. You may hang them by using 3M Command Strips. 
  • Hanging Prints: use tape or 3M Command Strips.

 ** BE SURE to check the weight limit for the 3M Command Strips according to your canvas size/weight **

Who hangs my work?

Artists are responsible for hanging their own work. Living Color staff will be available to assist as needed.

**Living Color does not bare any responsibility for any potential damages that may occur to your artwork during the event or as a result of art that is not hung securely.**

When do I take my art down?

  • Art will stay up for the entire duration of the event 5pm - 2:30am. 
  • Artists can take their art down once the event ends at 2:30am. 

** If you must leave before 2:30am, be sure to communicate this with us prior to the event.  We may be able to arrange pickup the next day at the venue **

Can I sell my art & prints?

  • Yes, you can sell your art! You keep 100% of the sales. 
  • We ask that you keep your work up on display for the full duration of the show. 
  • If you have prints to sell, they can be displayed in a bin, box, or crate where your art is displayed. 

** Small, easily foldable, TV dinner style tables are allowed in the gallery space, as well as small stools for you to sit on. These are BYO and not provided by us **

What should be on my title cards?

It’s totally up to you but we recommend the following:

  • Title of Work
  • Artist Name
  • Price of Work
  • Contact Info* (Phone Number or Email Address)

*If you are accepting payments via apps include which one(s) and your username.**

  • We also recommend having cards or a QR code that includes:

Contact Info (Phone #, Email Address)

Can I Live Paint?

Yes, you can! If you would like, it is welcome within your own display space.

What should I bring to paint live?

  • Please bring all of your necessary supplies (including a dropcloth, brushes, water dish, easel, etc). 
  • All materials must be water-soluble, indoor safe & odor free.